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At Premium Communication, we don't believe in the effectiveness of basic monitoring services. This is a service we don't provide, as such, to any of our clients. We don't think that tons of clippings and translations, without a meaningful interpretation or structure can be helpful in the complicated decision making process, especially at a high, executive level.

We understand, however, the information value the press clippings can offer and we make sure this information reaches the relevant people in our client companies as fast as possible, in a simple, time saving manner. Basic monitoring services turn into market intelligence services, provided, at Premium Communication, by experienced consultants.

What we do

We never tried to position ourselves as a full service agency, as we don't believe you can be equally good at everything. But we are strong and experienced consultants, who can draft and execute effective communication strategies on your behalf.

You can safely rely on our advice whether it's media relations, business communication, reputation management, marketing communication, internal communication or crisis management you need. In over ten years of working in the field of communication, we've accumulated first hand experience in all these areas and you'll be able to see how handy this comes.

Communications Programs

  • Corporate communication
  • Marketing communication
  • Trade & business communication
  • Internal communication
  • Media relations 
  • Investor relations & financial communication
  • Change management support
  • Foreign direct investment support


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